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Name: QK-Wide Band Spectrum Therapeutic Apparatus Model C02B

Package Info: 1 set/box

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Category: Infrared lamp

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Awarded as "China No. 1 Product" by the State Department of China

Vital life energy Therapy   Natural and no side effect

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As a medium and far infrared therapeutic device, QK-Wide Band Spectrum Therapeutic Apparatus was invented on the theoretical basis that there exists material and energy metabolism all the time inside the body which maintains the normal performance of physiological and biochemical functions, and that cells are activated by absorbing light quantum.

QK-Wide Band Spectrum Therapeutic Apparatus emits far infrared electromagnetic wave to be well absorbed by the body's tissue cells so as to activate them and thus to exert various biological effects rapidly inside the body. Meanwhile, through energy radiation to acupoints and affected areas, adjusting information could be input to acupoints and meridians as well as nerve receptors so as to recover normal biological energy metabolism and normal functions of body organs.

Irradiation from QK-Wide Spectrum Therapeutic Apparatus to affected areas, acupoints and meridians will bring up the following eight effects:

1. To improve blood circulation especially micro-circulation, to promote oxygen supply and absorb nutrients.
2. To enhance metabolism, to promote the body to absorb various nutrients and accelerate excretion of waste inside the body.
3. To adjust the balance of the nervous system including autonomic nerve and to reduce nerve impulses.
4. To develope immunity from disease, to improve the ability of disease resistance and white blood cells phagocytosis.
5. To adjust the balance of the endocrine system - water - salt - electrolyte, to correct the imbalance state of biological active matters and various elements.
6. To promote the repair and regeneration of tissue cells as well as absorption of cellular exudates and recovery of damaged tissue.
7. Peculiar biological effect - a good effect on diseases caused by the imbalance of bacterium colonies. In addition, QK-Wide Band Spectrum Therapeutic Apparatus provides a new method to be helpful to tumor patients.
8. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the energy electromagnetic wave irradiated by the apparatus delivers adjustment information to the vital organs of the body through acupoints and meridians and adjust five body elements such as Essence, Qi, Spirit, Ying Fluid, Ying Yang.

* Scope of radiation energy: 2-25 microns   Radiation peak value: 7-10 microns
Emission rate:   >86%   Voltage: 110V 60 HZ Power: <250W
Max. consecutive operation period 8 hours.
Usage life: 10,000 hours

The radiant of the apparatus is composed of 7 medium and far infrared radiators in seven colors and different characteristics from which the broad spectrum medium and far infrared electromagnetic waves display have physical effects...

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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