Moxibustion is a heat therapy using the 'Wool' of the herb Folium Herba Artemisiae (Mugwort Leaf) on the Acupuncture point or on the Acupuncture needle. The 'Direct' Moxibustion is using the "Moxa" on the skin without any protection. The 'Indirect' Moxibustion is using the "Moxa" on the skin with protective and curative items such as Salt, Ginger, and Aconite. There is a 'Warming Needle' technique which uses "Moxa" on the top of the Acupuncture needle to introduce the heat energy from the burning "Moxa" deep into the tissue.

The heat energy of the "Moxa" will push the "Qi" along with the "Xue" in the body to promote healing. The "Moxibustion" therapy with or without Acupuncture is very effective against certain types of arthritis, asthma, fatigue, colds, various pain, diarrhea, PMS and many other diseases. Perspective patients should be made aware of all the pertinent information before utilizing this and other treatment modalities.

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